Yoga Teacher Training

Art of Teaching Yoga (ATY)

Our comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training

Pre-Requisite: Essential Foundation in Yoga Studies or Foundation Certificate

This is a Yoga Teacher Training qualification aimed at group teaching. This course introduces all the basic principles of teaching Yoga including asana, pranana

It meets the requirements for AYS and is broadly equivalent to the Yoga Alliance 200 hour qualification, although is more detailed involving in excess of 300 hours course and study time.

Minimum 55 pts credit from Certificate and Teacher Training level modules, to include the following compulsory modules:

Asana Essentials (3pts)
Foundations of Practice Planning (3pts)
Foundations of Teaching Yoga (5pts)
Developments in Teaching Yoga  (5pts)
Pranayama Essentials (5pts)
Essential Yoga Sutra 1  (5pts)
Two Asana Study Module (10pts)
One Energetics of Yoga or One Philosophy Module (5pts)
Essential Muscular-Skeletal A&P  (5pts)
Minimum of 10pts from other Certificate and Teacher Training level modules

Completion of assessment requirements for all modules

Minimum 16 hrs individual lessons with nominated teacher aimed at personal practice from the registration date

Minimum 8 hrs individual tutorial hours with tutor

Note: Essential Muscular-Skeletal A&P may not be required if evidence of prior learning through professional training, e.g. physio, osteopath etc in which case credit requirement reduced to 50pts

The Art of Teaching Yoga must be completed within 3 years of registration

How soon can I start teaching?

Students will be encouraged to start teaching once registered at the discretion of the course mentor and dependent on completion Asana Essentials and Foundations of Teaching Yoga.

I didn’t originally intend to train as a teacher. Can I include modules completed before I registered for teacher training?

Certificate level modules completed with satisfactory assessment up to 3 years before Art of Teaching Yoga registration may be counted towards the qualification.

Great, but I didn’t complete the assessment on those modules

Certificate level modules completed without assessment up to 3 years before Art of Teaching Yoga registration may be counted towards the qualification once the assessment criteria have been met successfully (this will incur additional nominal cost for the assessment work).