Teacher Training in Malvern Jan 2020

We are delighted to announce our next teacher training based in Malvern starting in 2020, which has been a bit overdue! This will be the first modular course which will allow a little more flexibility on content and schedule so that missed modules can be made up on other courses as they become available. That brings a degree of complication, so we will be running a series of modules over the next 2 years that will form a complete course. If you want to do the training now and keep it simple just do the current series of Malvern modules that we are scheduling!


The dates for the first year are as follows:

1/2 Feb Asana Essentials
7/8 March Foundations of Practice Planning
18/19 April and 9/10 May Foundations of Teaching Yoga
13/14 June and 4/5 July Asana Study 1
31 July – 3 Aug (4 days) Essential Yoga Sutra 1
19/20 Sept and 17 18 Pranayama Essentials
7/8 Nov and 12/13 Dec A&P Essentials

These have slipped a bit from our original post!

Costs And Registration

Each module is independent and paid for at the time of enrolling for that module. There is also a teacher training registration fee of £600 that includes course assessment and up to 8 hours tutorial time with one of the tutors. This must be paid at least before enrolling on the the Foundations of Teaching Training module, and ideally at the point of committing to teacher training. Once formally enroled on the teacher training programme, students may obtain teaching insurance from Balens Insurance Brokers under the Sadhana Mala Block Scheme. We also offer a regular payment scheme which allows students to pay for the course on a monthly direct debit over 2 years (enquire for details).

To register for the teacher training you will need to complete a short application form and we will send you an information sheet with further information on requirements and additional costs that you are likely to incur (e.g. books, insurance, external teaching assessements etc).


Registration for the teacher training course is dependent on completion of the Art of Viniyoga foundation course or equivalent (other foundation courses covering the same approach will be considered at the tutors discretion). Students cannot enrol on the teacher training course without satisfactory foundation level study, although it may be possible for there to be some overlap between the foundation modules and qualifying teacher training modules.

The First Weekend

The 1/2 Feb weekend is both part of the course and an “info” weekend about the course if you want to find out more before you commit. It would be also possible to start on the Mar weekend but you will then have to make up the credits on a future module. Some of you may have already done the A&P with David Wilkinson, in which case you don’t need to do it again unless you want to (you would get a heavily discounted rate to repeat it). Most of the above modules are also open to keen yoga students who don’t necessarily want to do the teacher training, with the exception of Foundations of Teaching Yoga.