Sadhana Mala
Sadhana Mala Interviews


YogaTalks is an online interview series with respected Yoga teachers and experts in related fields. We are hoping to build this into an engaging and insightful resource as the range of interviews expands.

These are offered on a pay-to-view basis, allowing you to watch them as many times as like during the view period (typically 1 year). The YogaTalks videos are hosted by vimeo, The links below will take you onto the vimeo site to access the selected film. As vimeo is an American company all of the costs are specified in dollars.

We hope that you will consider the videos good value for money, typically just the price of a cup of coffee, as we need to recover some of our costs on the equipment and hosting. To get the most out of the videos we would suggest that you watch it once without taking any notes, and then watching one or more time times with a notepad to extract any useful snippets of information.



To access the videos you will need a vimeo account. This simply requires your name and email address. We know that when you have to sign up for anything it tends to put people off, but it is free and necessary for the reason that the videos that you purchase are available for a period of time, typically one year, and you can watch them multiple times during that period. So obviously, vimeo needs to keep track of who you are when you access the video for the second and third time etc. Once you have an account you can use it to access all our vimeo hosted videos.
You can create a free video account by visiting Alternatively, you can create this account when you select the link to view one of our on demand videos.