Sadhana Mala

Prabodha is an online video magazine / study programme.

Prabodha will consist of 3 x 5-10 minute video features per month on a variety of yoga related topics including asana, pranayama, yoga sutra, other texts etc. They will feature mainly pieces from Ranju and Dave, but may include some material from other teachers that we value and respect. They will be similar to the “RoughCuts” that are currently available on YouTube on the SadhanaMala channel, but will be more complete, hereas the “RoughCuts”are really there as promotional tasters.

The initial promotional cost of the program is £7.50 a month billed quarterly in advance (at £22.50 every 3 months). The videos will be hosted on vimeo and password protected so that you have exclusive access. Vimeo is similar to YouTube and can be accessed on the internet via computer, tablets such as an iPad, smartphones and some smart TVs. We have deliberately kept the cost really low so we hope this can go really wide and many people can sign up without it being a big financial burden – its not much more than a coffee and a cake!

To subscribe please set up a standing order for £22.50 every 3 months.  

Special Offer: Buy a year's subscription (12 months from end of current period) for only £80.
Please note that this will not automatically renew in 12 months so we will remind you when your 12 months is up

For Sadhana Mala bank details and address see: