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There are four steps to complete the full Sadhana Mala Yoga Teacher training.

  • Beyond Asana - a weekend for keen students and to introduce the approach
  • Art of Viniyoga - a 60 hour course for keen students & prospective teachers and existing yoga teachers new to this approach
  • Art of Teaching Yoga - a comprehensive 2 year Yoga Teacher Training course
  • Art of Individual Teaching - a 2 year training for qualified Yoga teachers who wish to teach individuals and apply Yoga as a therapy

A futher study programme of Yoga Study courses is also offered to expand teachers’ knowledge and experience, and to meet the need for continuing professional development(CPD).

Beyond Asana

A basic introduction to the theory of asana and pranayama, and the study of the Yoga Sutra. This is a user friendly place to begin your study of Yoga and includes plenty of practice and practical work

• Course Structure: 10 hours typically scheduled as a weekend or 2 single days. The Beyond Asana introductory courses are delivered by a number of teachers who teach the aYs/Sadhana Mala Introductory Course syllabus.

• Who Is It For: Keen yoga students who would like to know more about viniyoga. It is a good place to begin the study of Yoga or, for more expereienced students and teachers from a different background, to explore the basic principles of the viniyoga approach to Yoga

The Art of Viniyoga

A structured introduction to the theory and practice of Yoga covering asana, pranayama and Yoga Sutra. This foundation course includes the study of some key asana and a good level of practice and practical work. Typically, about 50% of students simply want to develop their own Yoga with no agenda of teaching, with the remainder seeing it as a preliminary step on their journey to becoming a Yoga Teacher.

• Course Structure: 60 hrs scheduled typically as 10 days or 5 weekends. There is no formal homework, but directed reading is recommend to support the course. Please note that this course is not a teaching qualification.

• Who Is It For: This course is perfect for keen students who want to understand the principles of Yoga and develop their own practice. It is also a primary requirement for continuing on to the Yoga Teacher Training course, even though the course itself is not specifically directed at teaching. This course is also perfect for more experienced students from a different background wishing to understand Viniyoga in some depth and for qualified teachers from other trainings who are interested in doing the Art of Individual Teaching.

The Art of Teaching Yoga

The course offers a thorough grounding in the basic elements of yoga practice such as asana, pranayama and meditation appropriate to teaching group classes in a modern context. This will be supported by a strong foundation from the Yoga Sutra and other key texts such as the Upanisads, Bhagavad Gita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika. We will link the study material directly to practical application so that the theory comes alive in every aspect of the practice. There will also be input on anatomy & physiology, professional aspects of teaching and the history of Yoga.

• Course Structure: 360 hours minimum over 2 years. The course is typically structured as long weekends with an annual mid-week summer school, although course structures may vary so check the details of specific courses. This course is accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and recognised by aYs. The Yoga Teacher Training course represents a considerable committment both in the demands of course attendance and the home study assignments. There is also a requirement to teach a minimum no of classes over the duration of the course.

• Who Is It For: Students requiring a premium quality training in teaching Yoga that gives the widest national recognition through the BWY accreditation. Prospective students will typically have completed the Sadhana Mala Art of Viniyoga foundation course or an equivalent, and will be able to demonstrate a strong committment to the viniyoga approach to teaching and practising Yoga. In rare circumstances extensive experience may mitigate the need for completion of a foundation course

The Art of Individual Teaching

The courses focuses on working with individuals to develop a personal pracice and the application of Yoga as a therapy. The course includes basic principles of individual teaching and Yoga Therapy, the study of key asana and their application in this context, advanced study of the yoga sutra, and the study of specific health conidtions. The course includes extensive training in practice planning. It complements the Yoga Teacher Training, but is also open to other qualified Yoga teachers with a specific interest in the viniyoga of yoga.

• Course Structure: 360 hours minimum over 2 years. The course is typically structured as long weekends with an annual mid-week summer school, although course structures may vary so check the details of specific courses. This course represents a considerable commitment both in the demands of course attendance, home study assignments and the preparation of case studies as evidence of working effectively with a range of individual students.

• Who Is It For: Graduates of the Sadhana Mala Yoga teacher training course. The course may also be of interest to qualified Yoga teachers from other backgrounds who wish to specialise in working with individuals and Yoga therapy.