Sadhana Mala
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1Can I do the Teacher Training Course if I have not done the Sadhana Mala Foundation Course?Multiple
2How can I pay for the Antenatal Yoga trainingMultiple
3How can I pay Sadhana Mala for events and coursesAdministration
4How do I set up a standing order for prabodha?No Category
5How does your Teacher Training Programme differ from the BWY course?Yoga Teacher Training
6Paying Living Yoga for Living Yoga events & coursesNo Category
7Paying Yoga Mala for Yoga Mala events & coursesNo Category
8Some events are managed by Living Yoga. How can I pay for these?Administration
9Two years is a long time; do you have a quicker route to become a Yoga Teacher?Yoga Teacher Training
10What is aYs and in what way are you linked to it?Multiple
11What style of yoga do you teach?Multiple
12Will I be a specialist Yoga Therapist on completion of the 2 year Yoga Teacher Training course?Multiple