Sadhana Mala
AofV Cheltenham Sept 17

This course will be run as a single introductory day, followed by 3 two-day weekends. It is the gateway into these teachings: if you wonder what’s different about this approach, or indeed if you’d like to review your understanding, then this course is for you. We explore the way the spine moves; the principles behind asana including counter posture; breath in asana and sequencing; concepts from the Yoga Sutra, (including learning to chant); the intelligent cultivation of a pranayama practice as well as history of yoga.

Prior to each weekend, participants will be given short films to watch and make notes on as preparation. These films are bespoke – made specifically for this course by us and contain significant content. This means that we can more effectively utilise our time together to deepen theory and focus on practice and application. Of course, it also means that some of the core teachings can be watched and re-watched by you at home to review and consolidate your understandings.

This course is ideal for students wishing to simply deepen their understanding of Yoga, for students who may wish to continue studying to become a Yoga Teacher, and for trained teachers from other approaches who wish to explore the Viniyoga of Yoga.
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The course will be run by Gareth Williams & Chantal Rafferty, two very experienced teachers who run the highly successful Cheltenham Yoga and Living Yoga Holidays. The venue has been selected to ensure that accommodation is readily available close to the venue.

Course Venue St Andrews Church, Montpelier, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Course Dates Sat 23 Sept 2017
Sat/Sun 21-22 Oct 2017
Sat/Sun 18-19 Nov 2017
Sat/Sun 9-10 Dec 2017
Course Cost £625
Payment £325 deposit (Earlybird £295) + £150 payable on first 2 weekends
To Enrol
Pay deposit online using a card or paypal.

To Find Out More  Call Gareth and Chantal on 07900 242317 & 07910 530060 or send us an email
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