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About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the Science and Art of cultivating and maintaining physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This Indian tradition considers the human being in its entirety and is based on the relationship between us and nature, and the fundamental relationship between the body, mind and soul.

Ayurveda is unique in recognising a unique metabolic balance in every person. It considers not only the inherent qualities of foods or activities, but also their specific effects on each individual taking into consideration that person's unique metabolic "constitution". This constitutional understanding enables Ayurveda to be very specific and therefore very effective.
Ayurveda is used to optimize health and happiness,
and to manage or recover from difficult health conditions through
  • Daily lifestyle - Dinacharya 
  • Seasonal changes - Rutacharya 
  • Diet & Nutrition - Ahara Cikitsa
  • Physical Therapies - Kaya Cikitsa Therapies
  • Energetic Practices - e.g. Yoga

Forthcoming Ayurveda Courses and Workshops

All courses will be taught by Ann Johnston unless otherwise indicated.
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About Ann

Ann Johnston is a Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic Therapist living and working in France. Practising Yoga since the mid-90’s, she discovered the then Viniyoga approach in 1999. Since then, she has studied with Hanne Gillespie in Dublin and has completed the Sadhana Mala Teacher Training programme. Ann has also studied extensively with Peter Hersnack in Montpellier.

 Ann developed an interest in Ayurveda after successfully receiving treatments at an Ayurvedic Clinic in India in ’92 and ’95. In 2003 she began Ayurvedic massage training with Atreya Smith founder of the IEEV, (Institut Europeén d’Etudes Védiques) in France and continued with him until 2009. She completed all levels of Massage training, Lifestyle and Nutritional Therapist training and subsequently has become a teacher herself. Originally from Ireland,

Ann studied for an LLB in Law and European Studies and then chose to teach Yoga and practice Ayurveda. These two, she believes, are the art of living and are unique in understanding all levels of what it is to be human. The beauty of Ayurveda is its broad application, adaptable to every culture, time and place, ands it is full of compassion for every human situation. Ayurveda provides the framework for a deep understanding of your students and clients. It gives you the language to understand how it is to be them and equips you with additional tools to support them in their quest for health and happiness.