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Art of Viniyoga

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The Art of Viniyoga

The Sadhana Mala Art of Viniyoga course will give you a thorough grounding in the principles that underpin Viniyoga in a practical and enjoyable way. This is an equivalent to the BWY Foundation Course, although experience shows that it not only serves as a Foundation Course for students who have not done one before, but is also of interest to experienced students and teachers trained in other approaches, because of its strong approach-specific content

There will be considerable study of some of the major themes of the Yoga Sutras as well as an exploration of many of the principles that inform the practice of asana and pranayama. You will also be introduced to the chanting of Yoga Sutras and we will practice this on each weekend.

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Current Courses

Course Course Title Course Location Course Start Date

AofV St Davids Sept 2018 Art of Viniyoga St Davids, Pembrokeshire 2-Sep-2018


"With regard to Sadhana Mala’s Foundation Course, which you tutored so inspiringly, as a British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher, it gave me a wonderful opportunity to revisit many aspects of yoga and consider them from a new perspective in the company of a wonderfully various group of people." - Annie, Dorset
"The course has been a real delight. The weekends are well structured and provide a balance between practice, the theory behind practice and yoga philosophy. The tutor (Ranju) brings the material alive and makes it pertinent to the way we live our lives in the modern west. He delivers it in just the right way, treating each subject with the seriousness it deserves but with a lightness of touch that enables participants to apply it easily and without judgment to their own lives." - Eleanor, Winchester