Sadhana Mala
Atha as Presence - in Dublin

Atha as Presence - in Dublin

Date: 13-Oct-2017


with Dave Charlton & Ranju Roy
Friday 13 Oct - Sunday 15 Oct
6.00-9.00pm Fri, 9.30-5.00pm Sat, 9.30-4.00pm Sun
Cost: earlybird E230 (before 30 June), standard E250 (before 15 Sept)
( please contact us if you would prefer to pay in £ - easier for us!) 

Venue: Clonlea Yoga Studio, 28b Sydney Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Website  

A CPD weekend aimed primarily at AYS Practitioners, Sadhana Mala AIT Graduates or equivalent
Atha is the first, and arguably the most important word, in the Yoga Sutra: Now, Present.

Peter Hersnack described the energy of apāna as linked to the past; it is what we accumulate.
Prāṇa, on the other hand is future orientated: where would we like to go? What can we link to?
Their intersection and meeting point is a place of fire and Presence: sūrya.

There is a balance to be struck in yoga workshops between past (Teachings, concepts, expectations), future (Intended Learning Outcomes!) and present (Presence). Our agenda for this weekend is to be present to what is in the room, to be responsive to the people who are there, to play with what arises. It is a step into Trusting.
We’d love you to be part of that Presence.


This event is being arranged with help of  Eleanor Dawson (thank you Eleanor) and great thanks to Hanne Gillespie for allowing us to book her beautiful Yoga Studio at Clonlea. For local info and queries please email Eleanor.

To enrol please pay a deposit in Euro to Eleanor Dawson (100 euro deposit) or in Sterling (£90 deposit) by bank transfer or sterling cheque to Yoga Mala (not Sadhana Mala):

The balance is due one month before the weekend.

Please note booking payments are not refundable unless the course is full and your place can be filled, and then subject to a 40E/£30 admin fee.