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Exceptional Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Retreats & Study Programs

Our aim is to offer world class Yoga teacher training relevant to a western context.
We embrace the viniyoga of yoga: yoga's application respecting an individual's abilities, situation and interest.

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We are busy working on our online and video study material. This is not intended to replace real life contact for our courses, after all, Yoga is all about relationship, but we also have to acknowledge the advances in technology that can deliver content in novel and engaging ways, and that this can increase flexibility of access and reduce the need to travel. We hope we can get the balance right, but its certainly interesting times.

Join us on the beach in Kerala for a Yoga Retreat & Holiday in India 2019. After another great trip this year, so we are visiting Mysore, Coorg & Kerala again in 2019. Lasting 15 days, this is a wonderful way to explore a stunningly beautiful part of India within a supportive group setting.

Starting March 2018, two Teacher Training courses in Malvern & Brighton over 2 years. Prepare with Art of Viniyoga and A&P For Yoga Teachers (courses scheduled in late 2017/2018).

Unique, quirky, niche: Prabodha is our online yoga magazine . Come and join us for weekly 10-15 minute film clips exploring the philosophy and practice of yoga like no other.